"Quite simply, MainStreet would not exist without the support of Andreas and Remote First. Andreas took the time to get to know me, stayed close, and feedbacked as we iterated the early product development of MainStreet. Andreas was the first investor call we made after our "Eureka!" moment during product development, and his investment, support, and conviction were critical to putting together our first seed round. Deeply grateful to have Andreas on our cap table!"

Doug Ludlow, Mainstreet

"Andreas is hands down probably the best investor I've met, hard to describe how much value he brings or just how amazing he is to work with. If you're lucky enough to get him on your cap table, please make it happen. You won't regret it."

Andrew Gazdecki, MicroAcquire

Andreas was one of the biggest believers and supporters of Hopin right from the beginning (before covid). Being a fully remote company, it's been really great to have Andreas on the journey with us. I really enjoy our chats and he's always available to help. I've learned a lot from Andreas, and have a lot more to learn!

Johnny Boufarhat, Hopin


Job van der Voort, Remote


Mac Reddin, Commsor


Tariq Rauf, Qatalog

"Andreas has been one of our most helpful investors and one of the highest signal in our space. Specifically, he made the right intros to pull together our round, gave great product feedback, and even did a masterclass on remote work culture for our team. More than that, he was high conviction and one of our earliest supporters."

Charles Hua, Poise